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My First Blog Post

“A real sign of progress is when we no longer punish ourselves for our imperfections”.

— Yung Pueblo

Hayyy. So with this being my first ever blog post, I suppose it makes sense to properly introduce myself. My name is Nicole and I am a 30-something year-old from Buffalo, NY. I’ve always thought about creating a blog or even twitter account, but never got around to either because I was too concerned about not being interesting or funny enough. At this point in my life, though I know I’ll probably have plenty of spelling errors, run-on sentences, and grammatical errors, I am confident that my experiences and insights will be able to resonate with some of you and increase my opportunity to connect with some really awesome new humans. (Speaking of run-on sentences)

Over the past year and a half-ish I have made some drastic changes to my life- many intentional, some unintentional, ranging from simple self-care practices to driving down the career path that I feel I was always meant to travel, all of which I plan to share with you.

I’m currently in the process of becoming a Holistic Health Coach through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, which I become increasingly excited about each day. I’ve always had a knack for giving people heartfelt advice and knew I wanted to positively influence in a BIG way, so why not dive into the deep end and help others become the best version of themselves? I’m halfway through my program and let me just say, I am LOVING it everything I’m learning and integrating into my own life, while getting super antsy about working with others! (Shout out to Sarah Marlette aka NTG Inc. (, aka my incredible Certified Holistic Nutritionist who shared the idea of going through IIN’s program to become a coach! I’ll be sharing more about my personal nutritional journey in a separate post).

I recently started a women’s group with one of my BFFs, Amanda, with major dreams of it growing into something bigger than I can ever imagine. That’s where the name of this blog, “Glow into your Hier Self” originated. Think: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, specifically the safety and social needs. With more details to come, I’m going to simply say that if we, as a society, continue to rely so heavily on social media and texting, as opposed to physically coming together to connect, it’s not going to be a pretty world. And that’s putting it lightly. We had our pilot gathering last month and it went super well! We’re super excited for our first “everyone’s invited” gathering- just working out some details but we’re planning to congregate in December.

Since July I’ve been working for a corporation that establishes affordable, convenient animal wellness centers all throughout the U.S., supervising the first one in our area. It’s actually something I never envisioned myself doing and am absolutely *loving* it. We provide minor illness packages, rabies vaccines and all of the other core vaccines for cats and dogs. While working alongside different veterinarians and clinic assistants whom love animals as much as I do, being in the “wellness industry”, I’d say this experience has been quite aligned with my goals and lifestyle.

SO, that’s a brief overview of my life right now. Some more things I plan to share with you? Some of the incredible thought leaders that have most significantly impacted my life as of lately, how I turned one of my life’s saddest days into one of my best, community, how awesome my friends and family are, my fitness and food journey, and much, much more. My number one goal for this is as I said earlier, to connect with you all- so please reply/reach out/whatever way of communication you prefer to me at any point- I’d love to hear from ya!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. You are absolutely an inspiration. Love your blog. Keep it up, sweet friend. Hugs, kisses, positive thoughts and blessings sent your way. xo

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  2. Love it! I’m so proud if you! I truly needed to read your blog this morning to change my attitude. You a gem Nicole!!! Love you!!!

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  3. I love this Nicole! So proud of you and I always knew your kind hearted soul was destined to help nurture others. Looking forward to following your blog, your life journeys and everything in between!

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