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The Influencers Series: Sarah (NTG) Marlette

Nourish Thrive Glow, Inc. (NTG) is a health and wellness brand focusing on nutrition counseling coupled with healthy, nutrient-dense, practical recipes, all while leading a clean, holistic lifestyle and is founded by none other than the wonderfully charismatic Sarah Marlette!

Y’all. Let me tell you- This beautiful human being is the force behind SO many of the healthy habits that I’ve built over the past year and a half-ish. I randomly landed on her IG account and was instantly drawn to her passion for improving others’ health, backed by evidence-based facts. Sarah “walks the walk” while sharing the details of her daily routines to help exemplify ways of healthier eating without all of the stress that goes with typical “diets”, emphasizing the importance of nourishing our cells in order to live our best lives. This ain’t no diet, folks, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s a darn good one. She also posts a plethora of free recipes and resources for the public. And I can’t not mention how INCREDIBLE this gal looks and I feel like that’s definitely something to take into consideration when choosing the right fit for anything- do they practice what they’re preaching? Sarah certainly does.

YUM, right?

So I started following her, along with her advice. I encouraged friends and family to do the same, and pretty soon she became a regular topic of conversation when discussing all things food & movement. As I was walking from my car to Root & Bloom, a local vegan restaurant that everyone should try, I recognized a familiar face accompanied by her IG co-star, Sydney. (Sydney is Sarah and her husband’s furchild for anyone that doesn’t already follow her.) I excitedly met her with “You’re NTG, aren’t you?!” and she warmly responded by introducing herself with her actual name. Duh, Nicole, she does have one of those. I told her what an impact she’s had on my life just from following her account and how much I appreciated her and y’all, she was such a darn sweetheart of a human! So genuine, so much nicer than I anticipated. She really means business in her stories and takes the advice she’s giving very seriously so I was (wrongly) assuming she wouldn’t have been as warm as she was this evening. (FYI just because someone is insanely intelligent doesn’t mean they’re naturally arrogant or condescending- this was a big reminder to myself in that moment)

So full of light! Always.

From that evening, Sarah’s never proved to be anything but her genuinely kind, genius (and I mean she’s basically an encyclopedia of all things health and wellness with a huge emphasis on science) self. I’ve never had anyone explain things related to health that made so much sense to me and because of that I decided months later to sign up for her services.

Sarah makes it easy to feel 100% comfortable being vulnerable and uncomplicated to choose health over (ultimately killing yourself from your poor habits. Not sorry for being dramatic because y’all know it’s true and if ya don’t, here’s your wake up call *insert smiley face*). Being someone who has struggled with body issues and eating disorders the majority of my life, I can confidently say that this encouraging soul has been a *HUGE* component in my improved wholesomeness. Throughout my goals and journey since my completed program with her, she is still one of my biggest encouragers.

Her recipes are drool-worthy, I’ve tried many of them!

I was in a real funk of a place when Sarah came into my life and was questioning my career choices among other major life decisions. I knew, or rather, have always known that I’ve wanted to have a positive impact on others’ lives. With that, I asked Sarah about her journey and her thoughts of me becoming a nutritionist after she had some time to get to know me. She recommended I look into the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, has it’s not as much science as it is the mind-body-spirit connection and felt that it would be a better fit for me, as science has never been my strong suit. 

I completed the accelerated IIN program earlier this month and have Sarah to thank for being such a catalyst for change in my life. I’m confident that if I hadn’t taken the (healthy steps through her coaching program) I needed prior to assessing my career opportunities, I may not be where I am, happy and genuinely proud of myself, with an optimistic outlook on my future that I’ve never experienced.

SO with that said, you can follow Sarah on Instagram at Her website is . If you’re like a lot of people stuck inside right now, looking inward and evaluating your overall health and well-being, I’d be doing you a disservice by not referring you to this astounding Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. Her pricing is incredibly affordable for what you’ll be getting out of it. [side note: Sarah, I hope you’ll be increasing those soon because GIRL, you help all of us that do your programs move freaking mountains and you’re well worth it]. Don’t have the money? I didn’t think so either but one day I just said enough is enough and did it. I didn’t miss the money. I also don’t miss going out and spending money on new clothes because I’m having a “fat day”. I don’t miss going on shopping sprees and buying things to fill my emotional voids caused by lack of exercise and most likely lack of nutrients affecting my hormones and emotional stability. Know what else I don’t miss? Looking at myself with disgust in photos or the mirror. I finally look at myself and almost smile- I’m still a work in progress 🙂

One last thing! Sarah travels all over the place and even lived in SWITZERLAND. So regardless of if you’re not in the mood to care about your health, you should totally follow her just to appreciate her beautiful, scenic photos, adorable photos of Sydney, and videos of her slick smoothie pours. Her music in the videos is always on point, too, so there’s that. Enjoy!

How can you not feel that energy?! Get pumped for some serious inspo, y’all!


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